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Why I Decided to Stop Drinking Alcohol

This is a question I get often by people entering my life and people I haven’t caught up with since college. The circumstances where I am asked this question are interesting. It’s very similar to the, “Hey, how are you doing? Good. And you? Good” situation. You know…if you’re having a bad day, you can’t just respond with “not good” because then it requires the person who’s already walked past you to stop and ask “why” simply for the sake of not wanting to seem rude. So you just say,  ...

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Pros and Cons of Credit Cards and Cash

The pros and cons of credit cards and cash aren’t something that is talked about in school. And sometimes, people aren’t aware of the negative impacts of incorrectly using a credit card until they’ve realized they made a mistake. In an effort to prevent others from learning  ...

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5 Books that Keep Me Motivated

The feeling of motivation is fleeting. You can have a great conversation with a mentor and walk away ready to take on the world. You make plans and take action. But as time goes on the feeling dissipates. Sometimes you can find ways to motivate yourself. And that’s great! Other times, you  ...

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