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What I Learned From Dave Ramsey About Paying off Student Loans

One day, I heard my roommate and her boyfriend talking about debt snowballing. I asked them to explain it to me and where they learned about it. She lent me the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. This book teaches people with families and low income on how to pay off debt and start building wealth. At that point in my life, I was a recent college grad paying off student loans with a part-time retail job. So I certainly fell into the debt and low-income categories. In this book, Dave  ...

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How to Set Yourself up for Success at Your New Job

So you’ve decided to quit your job and you’ve found a new job. Or maybe this is your first job. Either way, congratulations! This blog post is about how you can set yourself up for success for the first day at your new job. Before the first day at your new job, set expectations for  ...

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Why I Decided to Stop Drinking Alcohol

This is a question I get often by people entering my life and people I haven’t caught up with since college. The circumstances where I am asked this question are interesting. It’s very similar to the, “Hey, how are you doing? Good. And you? Good” situation. You know…if you’re having a bad  ...

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